Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sketching for Illustration Update

Charcoal drawings are wrapped in shrink wrap and very glossy and difficult to shoot.

Adjusted the master copy to get it accurate in values but the blacks look too dark here.

What I have here is some work from several weeks ago and also the recently completed master copy. I still have to photograph the work done before the master copy (5-object still live, shirt paintings, etc.) I am showing all homework because I've worked too slow in class to have anything worth showing. (This week, however, we are going to have lots of in-class time to work!)


Mauricio said...

Hey, man! So this is your blog? Cool. I didn't recognize the name "esh" haha. Anyway, yeah those were the environments that resulted from that process. The one that I was working on in class ended up being the one with the 'castle/palace' in the background and the columns in the foreground.

Jasmine said...


Kiko said...

eric holmes!

hello hello
great job!
im so impressed